Calm Parenting: Learn to Stop Yelling Bundle

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With the right tools, you will learn how to stand strong and stay calm, even when there's chaos all around you.

Being a calm parent takes work. Our children challenge us and test us almost daily.

There's nothing that feels worse than the look on your child's face after you explode.

As an adult, you know you should be able to manage your emotions, but when you're seeing red, you can't think clearly and it's impossible to resist raising your voice. 


Are you ready to stop yelling?

Are you ready to get out of "fight or flight mode" and learn how to be the parent your children need?

Are you ready to stop being an angry parent?

Are you ready to stop spending sleepless nights racked with guilt?

Are you ready for better relationships with those you love the most? 

Are you ready for more laughter?

You deserve better, and so do your children.

With the right tools, you will learn how to stand strong and calm, even when you want to pull out your hair.

The journey of learning how to to control your anger, and being the calm parent your children need STARTS NOW.


Inside The Calm Parenting eBook:

Calm Parenting: Learning to Stop Yelling is a self-paced, guilt-free, no-judgment 132-page eBook to help you become the playful, happy parent that you always dreamed you'd be, or want to get back to being.

Calm Parenting: Learning to Stop Yelling is a self-paced eBook which includes seven (7) important sections, (26) total lessons and a companion workbook to fill out as you move through the 132-page eBook.

Self-paced means you can go at your own speed, because I know that life gets busy and things (always) come up! Work through each lesson at your own speed, using the worksheets to practice all the strategies you learn.

21-Page Printable Companion Workbook to create own own Calm Parent Toolkit. With on-demand printing, you're able to print as many copies as you need as you work your way through each lesson. 

Learn to identify your triggers, environments which inhabit your ability to stay calm, how to prepare your lifestyle and environment for more peace and create calming tools when you need help to stay in control. 

A 5-Step Practice for Developing a Calm Down Toolkit unique to you. 

 Learn the art of the apology if you do yell and need to repair your relationship with your child(ren). 


Please Note: This is a 132-page ebook and 21-page Workbook you are responsible for printing on your own.