Emotions A-Z: From Chaos to in Control eCourse

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Imagine How Different Life Would Be If Your Child Could Communicate Their Feelings Calmly ... Less Outbursts, Less Defiance, Less Chaos.

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Do you deal with challenging behavior when it's time to leave the playground or your child doesn't get their way?
  • Do situations escalate when big emotions strike?
  • Does it take a long time for your child to calm down when they're upset?
  • Is your child frustrated when they can't find words to explain how they feel or what triggered them?
  • Does your child have a hard time recognizing how others feel?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Emotions A-Z can help you!


What You can Expect from Emotions A-Z: From Chaos to in Control

Quick-Start online course to empower parents (recommended for kids ages 3-8) with techniques to teach children how to recognize, learn, and communicate emotions in healthy ways.

Your child will become confident in their ability to self-regulate before, during and after big emotions & challenging circumstances occur.

Build a library of healthy & calm solutions for kids to choose from when self-regulating.

Proactive ways for families to have positive open-communication about feelings.

For Parents - Tools to help you figure out what's *really* behind your child's behavior.

For Parents -3 Core Emotion Needs of Kids you can meet daily to minimize challenging behavior & boost the connection.

Lifetime access to the course. 


Bonuses Included in the Course: 

Includes 3 eBooks and Printables Valued at $25 and includes:
  • Green Means Go! Use the Stoplight Method to Calm Big Emotions Kit
  • Managing Big Emotions: Dealing with Defiant Behavior eBook (180+ Pages)
  • How Do You Feel Coloring Sheets & Cards (10 Pages) 



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