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Is there anything more infuriating than asking your child to do something or help around the house, and they don't listen? 

You say it's time to get ready for bed, and no one moves an inch. 

You nicely ask them to pick up their shoes, but they're still on the floor ten minutes later. 

When kids don't listen, it can make a parent feel like a doormat, and quickly lead down the path to yelling. 

Why won't my kids listen? 

Or worse, why won't my kids listen unless I yell? 

There's no simple answer to this common parenting problem, and that's because it's complex and there are a lot of dynamics which contribute to why a child chooses not to listen. 

This ebook will help explain how kids are hard-wired for positive attention, and positive control, what happens when things are off balance, why a parent's personality and parenting behavior factor into confrontations, and how to use positive boundaries and fair consequences without shame, blame, or pain to help your child make choices for better results in the future. 


Inside You'll Receive...

32 pages of tools, strategies, and in-depth explanations for how to gain cooperation of children, understand their natural inclination towards control, how to balance the scales, and the 5Rs of fair and reasonable consequences. (Best for kids 2 years - 10 years.)

Detailed information gives you long-term strategies for better behavior, lessened emotions, and calmly handling situations wherever and whenever they may arise.

Learn to identify parenting behavior and common triggers which make emotional situations worse, and ignite power struggles between parents and children.  

How to meet the core emotion needs of children including keeping a full positive attention bucket and positive power bucket at all times. 

You'll learn how to create fair and reasonable consequences following the guidelines of the 5 Rs, and what to do if your child resists the rules around discipline. 



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