Managing Big Emotions: Dealing with Defiant Behavior

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A big part of a parent's job is to help kids deal with their big emotions - sometimes very big emotions.

While as adults, these strong emotions might often seem silly to us, to kids, they are very real and sometimes scary, overwhelming and too much to handle.

The truth is, they don't know how to figure out how to deal with big emotions. They aren't equipped until they're taught with gentle hand holding. That's why they need parents to help them sort it all out.

Discover out the reasons behind children's: 

  • Tantrums 
  • Hitting & Biting
  • Whining
  • Power Struggles
  • Potty Talk and Foul Language
  • Trouble with Transitions
  • After School Meltdowns, and more!
It's time to dive deep into behavior, see these moments as opportunities for parents to teach and guide kids when they misbehave, and simple tools and strategies to overcoming big emotions, building emotional intelligence and help kids develop the tools to self-manage their emotions. 


Inside You'll Receive...

170 pages of tools, strategies, and in-depth explainations for defiant behavior for toddlers to school-age kids (best for kids 2 years - 9 years.)

Detailed information gives you long-term strategies for better behavior, lessened emotions, and calmly handling situations wherever and whenever they may arise.

Printable tools to help you parent through misbheavior and big emotions and remain calm. 

Printable toosl for kids to help navigate big emotions, communication and expressing themselves in appropriate ways.

Learn how to teach emotional intelligence and sample phrases to use to guide kids towards independent managment of situatios and their emotions.




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