PreK/Kindergarten Learning BUNDLE (79 Worksheets)

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Receive all the learning worksheets together in one bundle. Includes 79 pages of learning tools geared for preschoolers, kindergarten readiness, Kindergarteners and even 1st grade materials for review. 

You'll receive everything in one PDF File and the file includes (79) pages. 

Reusing Worksheets: If you wish to reuse the worksheets for practice, simply put them in slip covers or laminate and use a dry erase marker on the plastic / laminate cover so you can erase and use again. 


ABC/Letter Recognition/Beginning Sounds: 

  • Beginning Letters (8 Pages) 
  • Beginning Letter Sounds (6 Pages) 
  • Beginning Letters - Fill in the Word's 1st Letter (3 Pages) 
  • Upper & Lower Case Sorting Activity (4 Pages) 
  • I Can Read Beginner Worksheets (3 Pages) 
  • Word & Picture Matching Worksheets (3 Pages) 
  • Upper & Lower Case Apples & Oranges Matching Activity (6 Pages)
  • Learning Vowels Worksheets (6 Pages) 
  • What Letter Do I Start With Worksheets (6 Pages) 
  • ABC Scavenger Hunt (4 Pages) 
  • Rhyming Words Matching Worksheets (3 Pages) 
  • Rhyming Words Activity Sheet (3 Pages) 


  • How Many Animals Counting Worksheets (2 Pages)
  • Cookie Counting Worksheets (2 Pages) 
  • Bubble Counting Worksheets (2 Pages) 
  • Animal Counting Worksheets (6 Pages) 
  • Intro to Addition & Subtraction Worksheets (2 Pages) 
  • Gumball Counting Worksheets (2 Pages) 


  • What Doesn't Belong Worksheet (1 Page) 
  • Find the Biggest & Smallest Worksheets (2 Pages) 
  • Match the Colors Worksheet (1 Page)
  • Color Sorting Worksheets (4 Pages) 


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