72 Family Conversation Cards

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These Conversation Starters for Kids were created to guide intentional family dinner discussions and are a great way to initiate conversation with your kids, and add a fun element around the dinner table or after school.

There are a wide variety of questions including would you rather, why questions, mindful questions, and choice questions to spur great conversations.

Conversation starters encourage children to think comprehensively, they can also help you to understand your child a little better and open the door to further discussions. Whether you use them at meal times, in the car on a road trip, traveling, after school or randomly throughout the day these cards are a great way to get everyone in the family talking - but most of all, having fun!

Print the 72 cards out (8 pages of colorful questions) and place them in a dish or container in the center of the dinner table, or in your car if you're traveling or want to do after-school questions. Do one question a night and enjoy the laughter, fun and conversations that follow.

- The downloadable file includes 8 printable sheets and 72 questions that can be printed on standard letter size paper (8.5 x 11'') in black and white or color.

- Cards are suitable for a wide range of ages approximately 4 – 18.

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