Learn to Stop Yelling: Calm Parenting eCourse

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Your Journey to Stop Yelling Begins Now

Being a calm parent takes work and when our children challenge us and test us daily, anger can become an involuntary reflex. 

They're experts at pushing our buttons, but there's nothing that feels worse than the look on your child's face after you yell at them.

As an adult, you know you should be able to manage your emotions, but when you're seething mad, you can't think clearly and it's impossible to resist raising your voice.

I know how you feel because I've been where you are. I know how much your love your children.

We all slip up from time to time, but if you're yelling regularly, you know it's time for a change.

There’s a reason you’re here.

With the information and tools you’ll gain from this Calm Parenting course and workbook, learn to yell less frequently and with less intensity than you do now, until one day... you can’t remember the last time you’ve raised your voice.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? 

Learn how to manage your emotions, respond calmly to stressful situations and be the parent you dream of being. This isn’t an impossible dream... but does require patience, time and work.

Are you ready to FINALLY get control of your anger and learn how to stop yelling?


 Inside The Calm Parenting eCourse:

Calm Parenting: Learning to Stop Yelling is a self-paced eCourse which includes eight (8) sections and (34) total lessons in reading, video, audio and worksheet formats.

  • 85-page Printable eCourse Companion Workbook with worksheets, posters and toolkit materials. With unlimited access to the course, you're able to print as many copies as you need. This exclusive workbook is not available anywhere but for students of the course.

Self-paced means you can go at your own speed, because I know that life gets busy and things come up! Work through each lesson at your own speed, using the worksheets to practice everything you've learned.

30 Day No Yelling Challenge & Self-Tracking Reward Chart

When you enroll in the course, you'll have Lifetime Access to Calm Parenting: Learn to Stop Yelling, including any future updates and additional materials added after your purchase date. 


Includes 3 eBooks and Printable Card Sets Valued at $32 and includes:
  • Managing Big Emotions: Dealing with Defiant Behavior - 170 page ebook of tools, strategies, and in-depth explanations for defiant behavior. Best for parents of kids (2 - 9) years old. 
  • Emotions Picture Cards Set- 42 picture cards for kids with instructions
  • Calm Down Picture Card Set- 30 picture cards with calm down solutions for kids with instructions


Please Note: This is a 85+page workbook you are responsible for printing on your own.  


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