Emotion & Calm Down Picture Card Bundle Set

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Emotion picture cards are a great tool for visual learners and especially young kids who are starting to experience strong emotions, but don't know how a feeling is connected to the name of an emotion.  

This is where emotional picture cards makes learning emotional intelligence even easier! 

Kids can use these picture cards to help identify their feelings, and communicate with others in healthy and appropriate ways. 

Research says that  emotional intelligence predicts future success in relationships, health, quality of life, are more co-operative, earn better grades, stay in school longer, and make healthier choices. 

You can't argue with science now can you? 

Kids learn emotional intelligence by being aware of their own feelings and also, the feelings of others. 

Emotion Cards are a fun and easy way to talk about feelings, and help your kids communicate their emotions when they're upset, angry, embarrassed, etc. and help them make connections between cause and effect. 



  • (42) Emotion Picture Cards

  • Instructions for How to Print, Assemble and Use the Cards



Give kids easy to use tools that will help them regulate big emotions and develop appropriate and healthy coping skills. 

Kids are very visual learners and these picture cards are just what they need for a little extra help when strong emotions strike! 

The calm down picture card set includes 30 suggestions to calm down, and redirect the energy used with strong emotions, to a task that's more productive and peaceful. 

Print these cards out (laminate if you can to hold up against toddlers and little kids), and encourage your child to look through the calm down picture card set when big emotions strike, and find healthy ways to manage their feelings.

It's also important for parents to model how to use the cards, when you have your own strong emotions. After all, kids learn more from the behavior you model, than what you tell them. 

With practice and patience, your child can learn how to regulate their emotions and develop healthy coping skills - all on their own!  



  • (30) Calm Down Picture Cards for Kids 

  • Instructions for how to print, set-up and use the card set



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