Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook
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Mastering Routines & Schedules eBook

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The Master Routines & Schedules Ebook will take the guesswork out of:

  • when to put your baby down for a nap
  • pick an age-appropriate bedtime
  • where to start when creating a schedule
  • how to adjust your routine
  • how to cut out a nap
  • plan feeding times
  • prepare for daylight savings time 
  • how to create a good rhythm to your day
  • when to plan errands and activities so you don't disrupt your routine

You'll have the fundamentals for creating a great routine unique to your family always at your fingertips. 

When children have a solid daytime routine and are able to rest their bodies at the right times, they actually sleep better at night and for longer stretches of time.   

These are the strategies you need to get your child consistently napping and following an age-appropriate schedule.


Inside You'll Receive...

All the tools, sample schedules, sleep tracker and strategies for every age and stage of development for 2 weeks to 5-years-old.

Detailed sleep information for every age gives you the keys to good sleep so you can master your nap schedue and create long-lasting sleep habits. 

40 detailed daily schedules including 3 sample schedules for each age (2 weeks to 5-years-old.)

Clock based & rhythm schedules allow you to create a schedule that's best and as flexile as you need, for your baby and family. 

Learn how to start the process of creating a routine, establishing wake up & bedtimes, work through nap transitions, and prep for daylight savings time. 

Sleep tracking tools to log your baby's sleep patterns to rocking a solid schedule through every age of growth. 

No matter the age of your baby, whether you work outside the home or Stay at Home, everything is customizable to fit your baby's unique needs

Includes 3 Morning & 3 Bedtime Visual Routine Charts with step-by-step visual cues for children to learn to follow a daily routine all on their own. 


Please Note: This is a 97-page ebook you are responsible for printing on your own. 

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