Raising Happy Kids eBook
Raising Happy Kids eBook
Raising Happy Kids eBook
Raising Happy Kids eBook
Raising Happy Kids eBook
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Raising Happy Kids eBook

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This 41-page ebook will teach you the basic fundamentals of Raising Happy Kids: How to Positively Influence, Teach & Guide Your Children. 

This eBook is chock full of positive parenting strategies, real-life examples, actionable tips for implementing change, transformative phrases that work like magic, and 14 visual guides to help you along in your parenting journey.  

Learn the fundamentals which will help you grow your Happy, Connected & Strong family.   


Inside, You'll Learn: 

  • Detailed explanations of every sleep regression phase including symptoms, explanations and strategies to help you understand the root cause and developmental leaps behind your baby's sleep struggle. 
  • Steps to positively interact, respond and nurture you child. Set the foundation for you children to grow up confident with the proper tools they need to develop these emotional and mental strengths. 
  • Ways to build & strengthen your child's emotional intelligence by following a 3-step rule. Children with strong emotional development are more likely to become successful adults who possess the skills to communicate, lead and empathize with others.
  • (14) Printables Including Phrases to Help You Connect and Alternatives Phrases To Use Instead of No.

  • Real examples of helpful phrases to use in real-life situations to create emotional connection, build confidence and grit, handle misbehavior, and model appropriate behavior. 

Are you ready to transform your parenting and lead your children by example towards happiness and balance?


Please Note: This is a 57-page printable PDF file for you to print on your own. 

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