Sleep Solutions for Common Sleep Problems eBook

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Do any of these problems at nap or bedtime sound familiar?

  • Stalling and Delaying Bedtime 
  • Bedtime Battles Every.Single.Night 
  • Separation Anxiety When the Lights Go Off 
  • Climbing Out of Bed/Crib 
  • Light Sleeping and Waking Up Often During the Night 
  • Nighttime Fears and Bad Dreams 
  • Waking Up Too Early 

It's Been a Long Day...  

School, soccer practice, homework, dinner, reading and now you're exhausted. All you want is for your child to fall straight asleep.  

The reality?

You go up and down the stairs 14 more times to tuck your daughter back into bed, refill a glass of water, remove a hair from her mouth, check the closet for monsters, and giving “just one more” kiss.  

Does this sound like your house at night too?  


The Sleep Solutions for Common Sleep Problems eBook will help you overcome every one of these common sleep struggles and turn sleep times from chaotic to calm and from a battleground to peaceful.  

You'll gain an understanding of where these common sleep struggles originate from, how to help your child cope and best practices for turning bedtime around.  

Inside You'll Get...

Detailed explainations of the 7 most common sleep struggles little kids deal with including explainations of where they spring from and coping strategies to help your child overcome them.  

Includes a sleep tracker, sleep & feeding log, and recommended sleep guidelines for newborns to adolescents to ensure your child is getting the right amount of quality sleep they need.  



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