Summer Family Kit - Routines & Activity Bundle

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Kick off your Summer - THE RIGHT WAY!  

Just because Summer is here, doesn't mean your rules, routines and sleep go out the window!

This enormous bundle of routines, printable cards, activities and fun stuff will help keep your Summer structured, sane and most of all... fun! 

The Summer Family Kit will help everyone in your home stick with simple morning, bedtime and chore routines for ANY age using the routine cards for toddlers through school-age kids. 

Add in a daily schedule and to do list so you don't lose track of anything, routines to earn screen time, and reward charts to help everyone stay motivated to complete their tasks and move throughout the day without any problems. 

Then, we throw in a little positivity to keep the moral high all summer long with Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids and Moms as well as gratitude journals for kids and adults. 

To top everything off, the Summer Family Kit comes with activities for kids including six (6) different indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts (simply laminate or use a clear cover to reuse over and over again), a sibling act of kindness calendar, and over 25+ coloring pages with positive messages. 


The Summer Family Kit Includes…

  • Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids (24) 
  • Positive Affirmation Cards for Moms (40)
  • Daily Routine To Do List
  • Printable Routine Cards for Boys AND Girls 
  • Summer Schedule Bundle including 50 screen-free activity ideas, Summer schedule master plan, and screen time rules 
  • Growth Mindset Coloring Book 
  • Kid's and Adult Gratitude Journal Pages 
  • (6) Indoor & Outdoor Scavenger Hunts 
  • Sibling Act of Kindness Calendar
  • Set of (5) Reward and Allowance Charts 

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Please note: everything included in the kit is printable. You are responsible for printing everything out on your own. 


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